The Virtual Auction was a huge success!

The 2024 NAPgA Virtual Auction was a HUGE success raising just under $5,000!  A big THANK YOU to the donors who made this auction possible!  Without your generous donations there’d be no auction.

Bantam Saddle Tack, Butt-Head Pack Goat Products, Carol Tripp – Ctrip Acres, CC Pack Goat Company, Chris & Gloria Gifford, Christina Hatton-Fearnley, Derek DeYoung, Eagle Creek, Gail Swanson, Hoof Boss, Jace Gordon, Jan Privratsky, Justin O’Driscoll – Highline Packgoats, Kathryn Athow, Langston University, Margaret Scott – Sujam Packgoats, Matt Kueffler – Brush Mountain Pack Goats, Mike Knaras, Nancy Clough, North Idaho Snackables,, Putnam Pack Goats, RustPack, Shawn Dorr, Taffy Mercer, Tina Antes, Vickie Tenney, Vortex Optics, Winsum Creations

And to all of you wonderful bidders!  THANK YOU for being so generous with your bids!  We’re sure you are going to love the items and packgoat kids you won!

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