Packgoat Breeders

The following is a list of NAPgA members who also breed goats. NAPgA does not recommend any particular breeder. Individuals interested in purchasing adult or packgoat prospect kids are encouraged to thoroughly research breeders, check references, and become informed about any breeder from whom they decide to purchase goats. For further information please refer to the Breeder’s Code of Ethics and our Buyer's Guide.

Border Farms-1
Border Farm
Brush Mountain-1
Brush Mountain Pack Goats
Kopf Canyon Ranch-1
Kopf Canyon Ranch
Lazy Ranch Pack Goats Logo resized
Lazy Ranch Pack Goats, LLC
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Mamm-Key Alpines-1
Mamm-Key Alpines
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Corporate Sponsor
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Rabbit Hole Alpines-1
Rabbit Hole Alpines
Skalkaho Alpines-1
Skalkaho Alpines
Sujam Packgoats-1
Sujam Packgoats