Breeder's Code of Ethics

Although the North American Packgoat Association does not endorse any particular breeder, NAPgA does allow members who are breeders to advertise on its website. Advertisements placed on NAPgA’s website are allowed at the sole discretion of NAPgA. The right to advertise on NAPgA’s website may be granted as a benefit to members who join NAPgA at certain membership levels or by paying an advertising fee to NAPgA. NAPgA acknowledges that Member and Non-Member consumers are likely to believe the integrity and reputation of breeders advertising on NAPgA’s website are, in whole or in part, representative of the integrity and reputation of NAPgA as an organization. With this in mind, breeders advertising on NAPgA’s website are required to adhere to the following Breeder’s Code of Ethics Standards. This is living document which is open to editing and updating as needed.

Herd Health

  • Maintain records for breeding, kidding, vaccination, identification, disease testing, sales, veterinary care, etc.
  • Permanently identify each kid with an ear tag, tattoo, microchip, or combination thereof
  • Participate in and follow requirements of federal USDA Scrapies program
  • Maintain a list of past buyers and their contact information per Scrapies requirements
  • Maintain a disease-free herd CAE/CL/Johnes and disclose testing frequency and results
  • Show and explain disease test results to buyers • Stay informed about Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae and disclose herd testing status
  • Inform buyers if one of the above diseases shows up in the herd after potentially infected animals are sold • Disclose vaccination protocol
  • Disclose coccidia prevention protocol
  • Disclose all incidences of urinary calculi in your herd
  • Disclose feeding protocol


  • Willing to help buyers connect with the best goat for their purposes
  • Honest and upfront about potential flaws (conformation, attitude, hooves, etc.) or potential incompatibilities of particular goats in their herd


  • Breeders must be a NAPgA Member, preferably at the Silver Level Membership or higher – see our list of breeders here
  • Inform buyers of NAPgA membership and benefits
  • Be willing to mentor and offer guidance and advice on goat care or point a buyer to others who can help
  • Maintain a professional and courteous attitude toward other breeders, other goat breeds, etc. even if these are not packgoat-specific breeders or if goats are not specially bred as packgoats
  • Provide a written contract for sale disclosing all terms of the purchase agreement: goat name, description, DOB, permanent identification information, deposit, price, refund policy, pick-up timeframe, health records for the goat sold, etc.