Legal & Land Use Documents

One of NAPgA ’s most vital functions is keeping abreast of proposed land closures and representing the interests of its membership. NAPgA is on the front lines protecting goat owner rights to use packgoats on public land. This right is in dispute, as many BLM and Forest Service areas are closing or attempting to close access to packgoats due to the perceived, yet unfounded, risk to bighorn sheep.

NAPgA’s Response to Two Commonly Misunderstood Articles about Bighorn Sheep Die-Offs

This document clears up some common misconceptions created by circulated in the media.

Andy Irvine’s comments on the Shoshone NF RADT and SDEIS

This is an incredible document put together by NAPgA’s lawyer in response to Shoshone’s Risk of Disease Transmission and Environmental Impact Study. Faulty science has been used to unjustly ban packgoats from this area, and Andy addresses all of those issues in great detail.

Andy Irvine’s comments on the Nez Perce-Clearwater NF plan

NAPgA Summary of Understanding

Outlines the findings from the 2016 study conducted by Dr. Maggie Highland of WSU on the prevalence of mycoplasma ovipneumonia (M.ovi) in packgoats.