List of Vets By State

This is a list of veterinarians recommended by goat owners. The recommendations were obtained through a Facebook post. Last updated 8/8/2023, v 4.0.  NAPgA does not endorse any of these veterinarians and provides their information solely as a reference for its Members. Anyone who chooses to consult one of these veterinarians are encouraged to independently research and determine whether or not the listed veterinarians possess the necessary education, training, and skill to adequately treat your animals. NAPgA assumes no responsibility or liability related to any veterinary services provided by the listed veterinarians.

Check this website if you don’t see a veterinarian listed near you. Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners (AASRP) website for veterinarians who are members of AASRP.

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Gordonsville Veterinary Clinic

Logan Hudson, DVM

North Polk Animal Hospital

Dr. Weirather “Doc Y”

Barn & Home Veterinary Clinic (Mobile)

Lauren Furrer,DVM

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital, Inc

Eileen Wise, DVM

Allen Creek Veterinary Hospital
Perano Veterinary Practice

Tim Perano, DVM

Foothill Mobile Veterinary Service
Elaine N Krieg, DVM (Mobile)
Big Bear Veterinary Clinic

Kayla Lawlor, DVM

Cotati Large Animal Hospital

Calvin Dotti, DVM; Sally Venable, DVM; Emelie Roche, DVM

Animal Health Center
Lander Valley Animal Hospital
Bear River Veterinary Clinic
Hoof & Paw

Dr. Nick Place & Dr. Kayleigh Bull

Hay River Animal Hospital

Laurie Junkans, DVM

Veterinary Northwest

Thomas Kuhn, DVM

Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital
Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Munck Veterinary Services

Ernie Munck, DVM (MOBILE)

SageView Veterinary Services

Matthew Fulwell, DVM (MOBILE)

Poulsbo Veterinary

Heather Houser, DVM

Clover Valley Veterinary Services
Double Arrow Veterinary Clinic

Drs. Fulwell, Weeks & Walker

Puget Sound Veterinary Group
Feist Veterinary Services

Jasmin Feist, DVM (MOBILE)

Rocky Bay Equine

Bo Weeks, DVM

Cascade West Vet
All Creatures Great and Small
Rose Hill Vetrinary Practice, P.C.
Virginia Herd Health Mgt. Services

Amanda Weakly-Scott, DVM

Louisa Veterinary Service, INC

Melinda McCall, DVM (MOBILE)

Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Beau Benson, DVM

Bear River Animal Hospital

Ira Mickelson, DVM

Gunnison Valley Animal Clinic
Wills Point Veterinary Clinic

Drs. Dan and Rachel Turner

Ables Animal Hospital
Colorado Valley Vet Hospital
Texas A&M University Veterinary Large Animal Hospital
Trinity Ridge Animal Health

Jenna Crouch, DVM

Laurel Highlands Animal Health

Stacey Harbaugh, DVM

Greener Pastures Veterinary Service
Five Points Veterinary Service
Lakeview Animal Clinic
Vought Veterinary Services

Danielle Vought, DVM

Bailey’s Veterinarian Clinic

Paul Bailey, DVM

Valley Veterinary Clinic
South Clackamas Veterinary

Dr Holchek

H&H Veterinary Care

Sharleen Henery, DVM

Double Arrow Veterinary Clinic PC
Oregon State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Tecumseh Vet Clinic

Drs. Carpenter and Evans

Veterinary Corner

Raymond Zinn, DVM

The Plains Veterinary Clinic

Ericka Ryan, DVM

Prices Creek Veterinary Service

Scott Judd, DVM

Refugee Canyon Veterinary Services
Paddy’s Run Veterinary Care

Molly Burwinkel, DVM

East Mountain Veterinary Service

Lane Dixon, DVM

Riverbend Veterinary Clinic
Jeffrey-Rindge Animal Hospital

Brittany Hill, DVM

Deerfield Veterinary Hospital

Simon George, DVM

Green Mountain Bovine & Equine
Rutherford Large Animal (MOBILE)

Rachel Butterworth-Tice, DVM

Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic

Ivy Oakley Heath, DVM

Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Michael Pesato, DVM

Animal Clinic of Diamond, LLC
Christian County Vet

Dr. Evans & Dr. Loula

Lester Prairie Vet Clinic

John Hucker, DVM

Michigan Mixed Animal Veterinary Services

Joanna Hay, DVM

EquidDoc Veterinary Services

Dr. Eaton, Dr. Lumley, Dr. Forbes

Crocker Animal Clinic
South Central Veterinary

Eddy Grimes, DVM

West Central Veterinary Service

Hillary Slaven, DVM

Airport Veterinary Clinic

James Holcher, DVM

Brian Blanchard, DVM (MOBILE)

StockVets, LLC
New Ross Veterinary Services

Darcy Clark Crook, DVM

Hoof Beats Mobile Veterinary Service

Justin Busck, DVM (MOBILE)

Shelby Veterinary Services

Dr. Morrow & Dr. Brix

Fremont Animal Care Ctr

Janet Kershner, DVM

Sandpoint Area Veterinary Services

Drs. Grace, Grimmett & Glader

Willowcreek Animal Hospital

Janet Kershner, DVM

Animal Medical Center of Emmett

Dan Dombroski, DVM

Heartland Animal Hospital

Bruce Gardner, DVM

Blackfoot Animal Hospital

Tony Parsons, DVM

Animal Health Clinic

Sara Jacobsen, DVM

Iowa State University

Rachel Friedrich, DVM

Hillside Veterinary Services, LLC

Seth Stowers, DVM (MOBILE)

Sawnee Animal Clinic

Randy Esbeck, DVM

Oak Hammock Large Animal Veterinary Services

Katelyn Menacho, DVM

New Tampa Animal Hospital

Marra Ricci, DVM

Keystone Veterinary Services

Jessica Paris, DVM (MOBILE)

Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital

Christopher Weber, DVM

High Country Veterinary Services

Louis Batt, DVM & team

Mountain Shadows Animal Hospital

Kit Ryff, DVM

Prairie Mountain Veterinary

Bryan McDonald, DVM (MOBILE)

Mesa Veterinary Clinic
Mountain Rose Veterinary Services

Dr. Johnson & Dr. Appleby (MOBILE)

Doubletree Veterinary Clinic

Jeff Burnham, DVM

Lone Oak Large Animal Veterinary

Becky Domenigoni, DVM

Lander Veterinary Clinic

Kevin Alvine, DVM