Mission Statement

The North American Packgoat Association is an organization established for promoting packing with goats. The organization seeks to further the pursuit of goatpacking by sharing the knowledge, ideas, and experiences of its members, by promoting the use of packgoats to the public as a means of low impact wilderness transportation and recreation. Our mission is to promote the use and enjoyment of packgoats to improve, mentor, and encourage competency in the practice of goatpacking among interested persons; to provide communication among and to disseminate information to interested users; to promote scientific study of the caprine species, their care, welfare and training; to urge recognition of goatpacking as a low impact pack stock alternative; and, to establish traditions which will aid, perpetuate, and further the welfare of goatpacking and the goats it employs.

Vision Statement

The North American Packgoat Association is dedicated to being the most respected and influential organization in promoting the preservation, education and training in the use of packgoats in North America.

We will accomplish this vision by looking to best available science while fostering a philosophy and demonstration of Best Management Practices and leave no trace ethics.

  • NAPgA will strive to collaborate and work closely with public landmanagers, government agencies, and other wildlife organizations to ensure and allow the safe use of packgoats on public lands.
  • NAPgA will use best available science as a guide in which to
    measure and develop our Best Management Practices that address wildlife and other resource concerns.
  • NAPgA will educate, encourage and solicit active participation in the responsible use of packgoats by networking through our NAPgA website, annual conference seminars, and various social media.
  • NAPgA will continue to be good stewards of public lands, by actively participating in Land Use Planning wherever goatpacking is concerned.
  • NAPgA will respect and comply with local Land Use Policy and regulations, wherever packgoats are used, and will encourage all goat users to do the same.