Carolyn Eddy Memorial Fund for Research

Carolyn Eddy was one of the founding members of the North American Packgoat Association.  She was a member of NAPgA’s Board of Directors for 20 years and served all goat owners, particularly those making up the packgoat community, for a substantial portion of her life.  She was a respected breeder, educator, and an author.  She wrote or co-wrote several books and other writings that continue to benefit the packgoat community to this day.  Most importantly, Carolyn was a friend to many of us.

When Carolyn died in April of 2018, she bequeathed a generous sum of money to NAPgA in her last will and testament with the understanding that her gift be used to fund research that will benefit packgoats and the goat packing community.  In 2020, NAPgA allocated $10,000 from the Carolyn Eddy Memorial Fund for Research to begin the Citizen Science Epidemiological Research Study of Urinary Calculi in Wethered Goats being conducted by NAPgA.  The remaining funds donated by Carolyn are being held in trust for this or other possible research that may be conducted in the future.  NAPgA would like the Carolyn Eddy Memorial Fund for Research continue for years to come.

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