2023 NAPgA Photo Contest

It’s time for the annual NAPgA calendar contest!
Your best photos have been submitted and it’s time to vote for our favorites!
– You may vote for up to 12 different photos.
– To vote, click on the photo and leave your name in the box below. You may also leave a comment, but your name is vital since it allows more than one person from the same household/membership to vote without appearing to stuff the ballot box. ;-)
– Please vote for no more than ONE photo from each batch. This is a departure from past years in which you could vote for two photos from each member’s selection. However, we have so many submissions now that we want to encourage you to spread your votes out amongst all the entrants. This gives more people a chance to win a full calendar page!
– Polls close on Sunday evening, Oct. 23rd
Here is the link to the photo submissions: https://www.napga.org/2023-calendar-contest/
You can also access the above link through the “Members Only” section of the NAPgA website.
Let the voting begin!

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