2021 Recap

Membership – As of December 7th NAPgA had 498 active members with members in all 7 regions of the US! NAPgA added a corporate membership level, and all membership levels are now receiving some goodies with their memberships. Check it out!  https://www.napga.org/membership/join-napga/

Legal and Land Issues.  NAPgA continues to fight for the right to use packgoats on public lands and we have addressed several land use issues during 2021. NAPgA members actively participated in meetings and submitted written comments.

A high note this year was participating in the Grand Mesa-Gunnison-Uncompahgre National Forests (GMUG) plan revision.  The first draft proposed a forest wide ban on packgoats. NAPgA’s 2019 letter writing campaign succeeded in changing the most recent draft to a guideline to minimize potential for packgoat/bighorn interaction. There is more work to be done in terms of clarification and the plan is still under development, but NAPgA opened the door for the negotiation of sensible rules rather than an outright ban.

Two Rendezvous in 2021!  The 2021 Rendezvous was held June 17th-21st in the Sawtooth National Forest north of Stanley, ID.  80 people attended and we had the largest number of youth attending a Rendy in NAPgA history. NAPgA is creating programs specifically for them. Youth are the future of goatpacking.

Chad & Cate Battles, bloggers who travel the US in a refurbished Airstream trailer with their pygmy/Nigerian doe, Frankie, attended the Rendy.  The Discovery Channel is filming their travels for a documentary and filmed them at the Rendy.  Read more about them here! https://www.argosyodyssey.com/

A mini rendezvous was held near Slim Buttes, SD on September 24th-26th.  NAPgA members and a few folks interested in learning about packgoats attended the rendezvous.  Attendees came from Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota and South Dakota.  We hope to have more mini rendys in 2022!

New Logo.  NAPgA has a new logo and has hired a web designer to update our website.  Check out the items for sale with our new logo!  https://my-store-bf1656-2.creator-spring.com/  More items are coming!

Social Media.  We have increased our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.  If you haven’t already, visit our group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/711939102246721/?multi_permalinks=4565140986926494

NAPgA Breeder’s Code of Ethics and a Buyer’s Guide.  These will help members and others learn about a breeder’s responsibilities and what to look for as a buyer.  https://www.napga.org/breeders-code-of-ethics/   https://www.napga.org/buyers-guide/

NAPgA Packgoat Guidebook.  NAPgA published a new resource in 2021, The Packgoat Guidebook can be used as a standalone guidebook by anyone or can be used in conjunction with the 4H Packgoat Project.  Download your free 67-page copy here https://www.napga.org/packgoat-guidebook/

Urinary Calculi Research Study.  This in-depth research study will be conducted by a Co-Investigator Researcher at UC Davis.  NAPgA members will be recruited to enlist in the study.  NAPgA has set aside $10,000 to begin the study.  We are actively seeking funding from other organizations, corporations, individuals and through grants.  Read more here!  https://www.napga.org/urinary-calculi-research-study/

Packgoat registry.  NAPgA is working toward creating a USDA recognized packgoat registry.  Please take the time to log in to your NAPgA account and enter your goats’ information. https://www.napga.org/membership/membership-profile/

NAPgA Ambassador Kit.  When members are attending events and want to promote NAPgA we have a kit for you!  Contact the NAPgA Marketing Chair, Nathan Putnam, to learn more and have the kit shipped to you.  https://www.napga.org/membership/officers-and-directors/

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