NAPgA Calendar 2018 Photo Contest!

Time to look through this year’s trips and submit your best photos for the NAPgA calendar contest! Photo submissions will be taken through Septemer 30th. Here’s how to do it:
Rules of the contest:
– Participants must be current NAPgA members.
– Participants must put their name in their photo’s description field.
– Each participant may submit up to five photos.
– To qualify for voting, photos MUST be in landscape orientation and high resolution. High resolution means at least 3300 x 2550 pixels.
– If these qualifications are not met, your photo cannot be used for the calendar no matter how many votes it receives! 
Here’s how to enter:
Go to
Sign in at top right with:
Username: napgaphotos
Password: calendar2018
(You may have to sign out of your current Yahoo! account or use an incognito window in order to do this).
Upload photos by clicking the little cloud and arrow icon in the top right corner.
Each person may upload up to five photos.
After your photos are uploaded, click the “Albums” link in the middle of the page. Click the “Create new album” link found to the right of the existing albums.
A line of photos will appear along the bottom of the page. Drag your photos into your album. Put your name in the album title so we know who submitted the photos.
Once your photos are in the album, click on each photo and add a title and description. In the description field please put the location where the photo was taken. You may also add names of goats, etc. if you like.
If you have any questions or trouble using the Flickr site, please contact
Now let’s see those awesome packgoat photos!


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